How can organisations use innovation trends in crowdsourcing in their business approach for sustainable growth strategy and to get a competitive edge over their competitors?

Organisation can create value, increase performance, improve decisions making and narrow customer segmentation for more tailored products and services by exploiting innovation trends in crowdsourcing.

We will be taking the theoretical and academic knowledge derived from various avenues and aim to tackle both the academic & practical aspects of our research question at hand.

It’s a very efficient and frictionless process.  Crowdsourcing will move into all kinds of front-end areas (design, education, health) in the near future. Employees and companies of the future will be the ones who can play the role of influential voice in the network

It’s not going to be long before organisations make the move to crowdsource and organisations that do not pick up on the movement will fall behind the competition. Not only does croudsource offer significant economic advantages, it allows innovative ideas to surface in record times. Few great examples of this will be discussed further in the case studies we will undertake in our main presentation.

Some of the main areas we expect cover:

Crowdsource Innovation – What it means to the innovative Future?
Does crowdsource innovation work?
How to speed up innovation with crowdsourcing?
The old way of doing business vs. The new business approach.
Crowdsourcing solutions for innovation.
What are the downsides of relying on crowdsourcing for innovation?
What are the upsides of using a crowd as a service?

Case studies

Global Brands use creative crowdsourcing: In this section, we want to show how the world’s strongest brands are applying this new paradigm of crowdsource innovation in their marketing and innovation strategies. We look at how big creative crowdsourcing is getting in marketing and innovation through real applications in three of the top companies in the world

1)       Coca-Cola

2)       IBM

3)       Google

We will be using various avenues for our research ranging from internet search engines, crowdsource specific websites, blogs, industry reviews, business magazines, books, research papers, studies and more. I have supplied a number of links to some of the resources we will be using in compiling our final formative waypoint and presentation.

Any feedback, suggestions and comments will be much appreciated as we explore the journey of our evolving innovation in the field of crowdsource innovation.

Dushyan & Saeed


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